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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stockholm yesterday...

Yesterday I had a walk around the City (you know which city). Alone, of course. It was a great day, still cold but no Snow left. It all melted 3 days ago.
Here I have a Photo-Journal for you:
Firstly I went to the NaturHistoriska Museet, for an interview with the Museum Educator there.

From the Exhibition about Linnaeus.

Then I took the Bus and i went straight to the Center. I jumped off at the City Hall. I thought i was stupid and that now i would have to walk a few kilometers to Kungstradgarden....BUT.... i was reward with this wonderful picture of the City Hall... One of the best i ever took! I was waiting 30 minutes until the sun went to the exact place i wanted. I took about 10 pics all the same, because i was so happy to have this nice view. Here are some:


THEN i had a walk around the Old city:

After 5 hours walking around the City of Stockholm, I took 250 pictures in one day. I think these are the best. I shoot dogs, buildings, people, an Iraqi Demonstration and others...
But in the End when i went home, I had one last shoot left, in the memory of my Camera
This one:

and then i was staring the screen of my laptop, until the morning came, and I had to go to the class, here is the same picture (almost) as the one above but in the morning aroung 6 o'clock, FROM MY WINDOW:PEACE AND RESPECT TO ALL OF YOU....

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ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk) said...

I have been only once to Stockholm and I found the city amazing! I went with a friend who was working all day so I was walking around the city to pass my time. The funny thing is that I thought it would be freezeing so I had many pullovers with me but the weather was great and I run out of t-shirts. If I knew that the weather would be like that I would have brought my swimming suit with me. I will next time I visit the city.