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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stockholm yesterday...

Yesterday I had a walk around the City (you know which city). Alone, of course. It was a great day, still cold but no Snow left. It all melted 3 days ago.
Here I have a Photo-Journal for you:
Firstly I went to the NaturHistoriska Museet, for an interview with the Museum Educator there.

From the Exhibition about Linnaeus.

Then I took the Bus and i went straight to the Center. I jumped off at the City Hall. I thought i was stupid and that now i would have to walk a few kilometers to Kungstradgarden....BUT.... i was reward with this wonderful picture of the City Hall... One of the best i ever took! I was waiting 30 minutes until the sun went to the exact place i wanted. I took about 10 pics all the same, because i was so happy to have this nice view. Here are some:


THEN i had a walk around the Old city:

After 5 hours walking around the City of Stockholm, I took 250 pictures in one day. I think these are the best. I shoot dogs, buildings, people, an Iraqi Demonstration and others...
But in the End when i went home, I had one last shoot left, in the memory of my Camera
This one:

and then i was staring the screen of my laptop, until the morning came, and I had to go to the class, here is the same picture (almost) as the one above but in the morning aroung 6 o'clock, FROM MY WINDOW:PEACE AND RESPECT TO ALL OF YOU....

Thy Friends...

Here we can see how some good-old friends can end up, after a few alcoholic liquids! Warning: Kids, you can use drugs! Full stop. You may accept prostitution! Full stop. But one thing you can not do, is to: END UP LIKE ME! Never drink too much because later maybe you will regret it! Full stop. This photo is quite old, indeed but it stills give me the creeps when I try to remember my self at this young age... I am telling you people I did a lot of stupid things! Too many!

Please send me your photos with your friends and I will post them here. But please, no more serious photos, alright folks?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The music, I loved. My Music!

I am person that started playing and learning music only for one reason. When I was quite young, I wondered how music was made only by “scratching” a guitar. Just like that I started music, but first I had to beg my parents to give me such an opportunity. You see dear reader, I have a sister and a brother both very old (I have 10 years difference with the youngest) which unfortunately for them, were a disaster by the time they step into the music room of the nearest Music School, next to our house. So, ‘why would be different’, my parents thought. Why would I have to show for one more time that our family is useless in music and rhythm? This is how it works in my small, abandoned country, Greece. People easily take for granted that they are useless just because ‘it is not in the family’!

For my fortune, my parents gave me a chance, and I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life. I started music, and after 3 years playing on the piano, Bach and Tchaikovsky, I unexpectedly found out the jazz player inside me… It was the first time I heard the pentatonic, when my teacher decided just to play something for me so that I can see different styles of music. I was amazed. This very feeling still conquers my hearing whenever I play a pentatonic scale; also known as a Blues-Scale!

After some years of experimenting with various bands and music styles, I bought my first personal computer and the first thing I did, was of course to record my ideas. Gradually, I composed my first song. This one! And right now I am working on a huge range of music styles that are able to be made with the help of a computer and my Midi-Keyboard. I hope you like it…personally, I stopped listening to this song, when I realized how childish and maybe oversimplified the tune and melody was. But of course it is my music and I am Da Creator! So, I have to judge and criticize hard, because otherwise someone else will do it for me and then it is not going to feel the same…

Enjoy/ I will post more of my songs, as the moon phases pass through our own eyes!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I felt like writing (or eating)!

The time I give to clean my room, myself, even the Flash-Memory of my brain, is smaller than the tiniest bean ever seen by the eyes of an Ant! It is more close to zero. Yes, I am a person that cleans his room, when the amount of rubbish and dirty socks (mixed with underwear) blocks his way to his desk, where his computer is located. This actual distance is 1 meter. In this odd equation, surrounded with dust-circles the author of this funny text includes his vast body. His body is a combination of arms and legs all connected to his strong and tough belly, which (above others) has the ability to process unimaginable, incomprehensible and limitless amounts of food. Alone in his last dream to conquer the world with his jaws, the author rides on his beautiful, golden elephant. His elephant is the only animal that he respects and admires, since he and only he (the elephant!) understands his lack of abstemiousness. Through dozens of spaghetti and rice, cooked with tomato mostly or white milk-cream, I have achieved a terrible life that is no different than this ordinary, daily timetable, of mine:

16.30: I wake up

16:31 Open the computer

[From that point I loose the feeling of time in front of a screen]

05:45 Fall asleep

This is an ordinary day for me. Oh, I forgot to include the massive meals that I consume every 3 or 4 hours. That’s it. When I feel like writing again, and maybe ending this very text, I will let you know with a simple burger on your balcony! Until then, good luck with your lives!

[Vasilis-Billy Petrides]